You Can Now Buy A Used Hyundai, Not Just A Lambo, With Bitcoin

You Can Now Buy A Used Hyundai, Not Just A Lambo, With Bitcoin

With the changing time, a lot of changes are found in the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a payment method. Presently, many cases related to practical crypto usage have come in the news. Another big surprise for the crypto owners is waiting now. The surprise is especially for the people living in North America as they can get a new vehicle using bitcoin. Thinking is it true or not? Well, it’s true and the bitcoin owners get to use bitcoins to get a new vehicle.

A superstore for vehicles based in Quebec, namely, HGreg is readily accepting payment in terms of cryptocurrency. The store is located in about 30 locations in North America. So, what are you planning to buy? Want to bring home a brand-new vehicle? Thinking to spend money on the pre-owned ones? If so, it’s easier to buy it with bitcoins. It’s not a joke and the stores are accepting payments in crypto. You can visit a nearby store in North America and see a model that suits your requirement. So, it’s the right time for bitcoin owners to come into the market and use it for buying vehicles within the month.

The auto dealer is also present in other locations including Florida and Quebec. Also, the store is emerging in the glam light after becoming the first group in the automotive sector accepting payments in the form of digital cryptocurrency within the daily sales. For 25 years, the company has indulged in selling vehicles above 500,000. It has a warehouse located in Miami with a stock of above 1,000 vehicles.

HGreg reveals “Some revenue is maintained by the store in the same format from the vehicle sale for payments accepted in bitcoin cryptos.” It shows an indication of the plan for securing cryptocurrency like BTC (bitcoin) within the balance.

When talking about the payments accepted in the form of cryptos, a statement is announced by the franchise: “We feel a pleasant intuit after reaching at the techno forefront, helping customers get hands over a new payment method. Also, we have a belief that it’s going to help us maintain cryptocurrency assets.”

The franchise comprises several cars with different models and varieties, whether you want Hyundai or a Lamborghini. With the cryptocurrency like bitcoin, you can get different car models or even luxurious cars. In Canada, HGreg professes to be the largest dealer in vehicles with a wide inventory.

Such a big decision made by HGreg for accepting payments in cryptocurrency holds a link with the investment made by Tesla in bitcoins. As per the reports, 7.7% cash in gross total is transferred in bitcoin crypto by the electric car manufacturer. Within the procedure, an announcement is made by the company regarding the acceptance of payments in Bitcoins.

In the current news, cryptocurrency is holding a greater place in the investment domain. With such a place, the payment network is widely accepting payments in digital cryptocurrency. Recently, OLB Group showed a green signal to payments in cryptocurrency for the merchants in the United States. It also allows firms and businesses to consider accepting payments in Dai, USDC (USD Coin), ETH (Ether), and Bitcoin.