Got a BIG excess on your car insurance?

You can claim up to the ZUGARZNAP excess policy limit until the end date of your policy.

Subject to policy terms and conditions

If you are a young driver your insurance policy will likely have a high excess. This means if you have a fault accident or your car is stolen or damaged in a hit and run, you will have a big excess to pay.

We cover any excess from £250 upwards . After all, no one wants to be ‘out of pocket’ !

Buying ZugarZnap excess gives you peace of mind that your excess will be reimbursed if you have a fault accident.

A choice of policy limits are available

£ 250
£ 500
£ 750

For clarity, this the total cover in each year and you can claim up to that amount in any one year.

To be eligible to purchase this policy

You must be over 18 years of age
A resident of the UK
You are named as the policyholder on the motor insurance policy.
You hold a full, current and valid UK driving licence
The accident which led to the claim occurred during the period of this policy.
The value of the claim was greater than the policy excess.


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