Widespread Hacking On Australia

Widespread Hacking On Australia

Some state-based cyber hackers are continuously targeting the government of Australia and many other institutions in the country, announced by Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He said that the attacks are quite widespread. It spread across all levels of government, along with the crucial services and businesses.

He brushed aside the identification of a specific state actor and said no prominent personal data violation had been made. The attacks have already happened for months and are still increasing day by day.

The Major Targets

Morrison was not specific about the hacking cases. However, he mentioned that the government, industry, political organizations, education, health, essential service providers, and operators of other critical infrastructures are under cyber attacks. He did not say anything more about this.

Who is Behind the Attacks?

Mr. Morrison recognized this several cyberattacks to be a state hack for the scale and nature of the targeting and the tradecraft used. Cyber intelligence masters have long linked several hackings in Australia to China. They have spoken out.

They have to say that here China is one of the few nations besides Russia, Iran, along with North Korea. These nations keep the potential to carry out these cyberattacks, and they are not united with Australia. For all that, they also pointed out that cyber-surveillance among nations and even allies is common.

Here is what expert Joshua Kennedy-White reported on the BBC: “There is always raging tensions between Russia and China so really it comes down to those being the key nations Australia would be referring to.”

Based on the report by The Reuters, intelligence agencies doubt China of carrying out the parliament hack in 2019. However, Canberra refused to make any sort of comment on this particular thing.

Steps Morrison Desires

Morrison said businesses, to be specific, health infrastructure and service providers must raise their quality in technical defense mechanisms. Numerous agencies of cyber defense had baffled a lot of hacking initiations. In spite of that, protection needed constant persistence and application, on the basis of his words.

Morrison also added that they came up with this muddle now not for raising concerns in the mind of the citizens but to make the mind of each and every people in the country very much aware. We know what’s happening, we are on it, but it is a day to day task, he further added.

The Untold Part: China

The heading made it very clear that numerous political, educational, and health organizations have been aimed by a state-based cyber actor with certain powers, but a lot about Mr. Morrison’s press conference was rated too low.

For instance, why this announcement was made at this particular moment was not understandable, provided these hacks are continuing for some time now. The relation between the countries worsened in recent years.

However, it significantly became tenser when Australia echoed the US in calling for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus, which was first found in China in late 2019. Since then, China stopped beef imports, put tariffs on Australian barley, and warned Chinese citizens about the “risks” of visiting Australia for racist incidents.


No one can be 100% sure that China will be the one. But the Australian leadership has chosen a moment when it comes to its relationship with its powerful business partner. It is really risky to publicly declare that it is under cyber attack from a powerful state.