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Covers all your family’s gadgets under one simple policy

Premium Annually £216
Premium Monthly £18
Average family own 9 gadgets per household equating to only £2 per gadget monthly with our policy.
All premiums are inclusive of Insurance
Premium Tax (IPT) which is 12%.

We cover all portable gadgets owned by you or a family member. A gadget can be any of the following items - digital cameras, e-readers, laptops (including MacBook’s), mobile phones, PDA’s, portable gaming consoles, satellite navigation devices, smart phones (including iPhones), tablets/phablets (including iPads) and wearable technology (such as a smart watches or health and fitness trackers).

There is no limit to the number of claims you can make in a year, however the maximum amount we will pay in a year is £2,000.

A policy excess (per gadget) of £50 in respect of the first two claims applies increasing to £75 in respect of the third claim and £100 for any other claim you make.

Accessories up to £50
Accidental Damage
to Accidental Loss*
to Breakdown*
E-Wallet up to £50
Fraudulent call Cover up to £500
Worldwide cover up to 120 days

*Laptops (including MacBook’s) are not covered in respect of Accidental Loss or Breakdown.


A claim cannot be made within the first 7 days of policy purchase.

There is no requirement to individually list your gadgets to be insured, however you must be able to provide evidence of ownership or proof of purchase and proof of usage in the event you make a claim.

We only insure gadgets that are no more than 36 months old at the time this policy was first incepted and they must have been either purchased as new in the United Kingdom or purchased as refurbished in the United Kingdom direct from the manufacturer or network provider.

Please read the Gadget cover key facts and Gadget
Policy document for full details.

Gadget product

Gadgets Cover

Your household gadgets will be covered up to £2,000 per Annum with unlimited amount of claims

ZugarZnap Gadget
cover gives you more
Other insurers
All your family’s Gadgets are covered, under one simple policy (providing the Gadgets are less than 3 years old)
Same day repairs in over 1300
Timpson stores nationwide.
Or home collection and loan phone
Claim up to £2,000 worth of repairs
or replacements
for the lifetime
of the policy - Unlimited to the value of £2,000.
No long itemised forms to fill out
we cover all your Gadgets with just a few clicks.
Free ZnapCard worth over £3,000 of savings in all places you love to shop. One of this benefits is Tesco’s where the average family could save approx £380 by using our card
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Every policy buys children
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